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Clementine Neild

Clementine Neild is a printmaker from Cornwall specialising in Intaglio printmaking methods including etching and aquatint.

Her themes illustrate real and imagined memories using pattern and mark-making to create images full of movement and energy.

Clementine’s work is rooted in Cornwall but with inspiration from other countries, ideas and cultures such as the meticulous detail and skills of contemporary Japanese etchers and mezzotint artists.

"I am a Cornish artist whose style is not typical of what is usually thought of when imagining Cornish artists. I work to incorporate the world around me in Cornwall as well as my family’s diverse roots in Africa, China, Japan and Yorkshire.

Printmaking is my medium and I manipulate the techniques I use as an artist uses a canvas, often working directly onto printing plates with minimal references to enhance the spontaneity of the final image. Each of my etchings is connected to the last and I often work on several plates at once interweaving my ideas and my story."