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Bonbori 2016

Kimono no Kumo 2014

Hajimaru 2015


Watashi Wa I & II (I am)



Hard and Soft Ground Etching with Aquatint and Chine Collé on Fabriano


Edition of 30

Available to order


Image size: 7.75" x 12.25"

(does not include paper or frame - please email for more details)


Watashi Wa (or I am) is a more abstract pose of a figure tearing their hair out in frustration and anxiety. Hidden in a ostensibly everyday image, the abstracted background relates to a sort of dream like environment of spinning fans. Both Watashi Wa I and Watashi Wa II are meant to be hung side by side as the figure turns away from itself. The figure appears to float in the centre of the image and is divided in half by the deliberate use of split plate to create a disjointed feel.


Watashi-Wa-I Arrow black small Arrow black small